Established in 2012.

Maryland Laser Fat Loss was established by repeated demands from patients who had done Dr. Miller's weight loss program.  They had lost lots of weight and pounds, but some were left with that 1-2 trouble area(s).  So..... the doc researched how to find a way to spot reduce.The laser-like lipo company was started and people started spot reducing with great success.  

We combine years of clinical experience in helping people lose weight with the most advanced technology currently available to help you meet your weight loss goals. We have done extensive research and chose the best laser on the market – it penetrates deeper than most other lasers available, it’s safe (FDA approved), and it works extremely well!

In addition to the laser, we offer multiple detoxification programs to help get rid of toxins that are stored in the fat cells, and assist with results.  After Laser-Like Lipo Treatments, Whole Body Vibration Therapy stimulates the lymphatic system to gently help the body release stubborn fat.  And the gentle, easy to use detoxifying supplements help make you feel healthier than ever.

What makes us unique? Why should you transform your body and life with Maryland Laser Fat Loss?

Doctor Supervised -  Most of the body contouring devices that are non invasive use laser light. The only difference between "Laser Light" and "LED Light" is that Laser is "coherent" light.
When you shine a laser through fluid (as easily tested by shining a laser pointer through a glass of water) laser becomes non-coherent light. Or exactly the same as LED. And what percentage of the body is water/fluid? So most of the results of the "Laser" devices is the light energy, and not actually the laser light. And clinical results show this to be true. Does a doctor need to apply you treatment? No. 

 Experienced and Trained Consultants  - Caleska (Cali) and Yahaira administer the whole process from start to finish, and will help guide you through your program. 

Free one on one Consultations -  Discuss your goals, history, and all other factors to aid in your fat loss.

Start the same day if eligible - Contact our office to see if you are eligible!


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Our laser-like machine is an LED Class 1 machine registered with the FDA. The most relevant discussion surrounding LED’s vs. Lasers involves incoherent light vs. coherent light. LED’s can now be manufactured within similar power and wavelength parameters as laser light. For more information please contact the office.